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Do you suffer from separation anxiety or guilt when faced with leaving your pets for travel? Do you feel your work or school days are too long to leave Fido at home? Then your family needs a mindful pet care provider. There will be occasions when travel away from home is simply necessary, but that doesn’t mean your pet’s routines need to change, or that they have to be placed into a boarding facility. In fact, they would probably prefer to remain in the comfort of their own familiar surroundings during your time apart. We offer full service pet care including the administering of any medications conveniently rolled into one flat fee per length of visit. So you never have to worry about your changing needs or where life takes you. We’ve got you covered! We also offer walks and potty breaks when your day doesn’t allow you to be with your pet at the ideal times.

Once you contact me, I will be in touch about scheduling a pre-service consultation to discuss all your concerns, and particular needs for your critter(s). At that time I will meet your furry or feathered ones, take note of your special requests for them in your absence, and collect a spare key or access code for use on the desired times and dates. My goals is to help make your departure a little easier, knowing that your creatures will be looked after on your behalf. I am happy to abide by your preferences on sending updates or not disturbing you at all. It’s really up to you!

Still not convinced? Why hire a pet care provider? Many people think that asking friends or family to watch over their animals is adequate, and in many cases it is. But sometimes friends, family, and neighbors run out of favors, or other life events come up. Whereas with Cozy Critter Care, it’s my job to be there for you and your critters-rain or shine! Having an established pet care provider may also make it easier for you to leave quickly in the event of an emergency or when other sudden departures arise. We can keep your key on file and are only a phone-call away when you need us.

Thanks for visiting our site. We look forward to caring for your critters soon!